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  • Roman Atuatasi(Thursday, October 24 13 03:37 pm EDT)

My son needed his car fixed because it didn't start when he went to the store for some groceries. I tried to diagnose the problem and thought it could be the alarm system on my sons 2001 ford explorer. I called Kendall and he was busy that saturday but said he would come by the end of the day....
Kendal came and not only did his diagnostic but also showed both me and my son what he did, why he was doing it, the different outcomes that could happen. It ended up being the starter (which I kinda figured but not entirely sure) but kendall showed us how he came to the starter being the problem and I felt VERY comfortable knowing that was the issue. at no point did i feel ripped off, cheated or swindled. Kendall is an open straightforward person that will come to where ever you are and fix your car. I was very pleased to pay kendall at the end the service! I highly recommend Kendall because of his knowledge, expertise, and thoroughness! He's also a nice guy always willing to help. he helped me diagnose a few things before he came out to fix my car.
I read all the good reviews online and decided to call him. he sounded intelligent and knowledgable. all the reviews are correct and I agree and add my recommendation also!!!!!

Roman Atuatasi

  • Stephanie(Wednesday, September 25 13 07:15 pm EDT)

Howdy there everyone...
what commendable service Mr. Jumpstart provided for my 2003 Nissan Altima! I first heard about him from my dad's co-worker from Laredo who was privileged to have her car serviced by Mr. Jumpstart; so good word travels fast. He definitely calmed my nerves about the 1600.00 quote a major auto repair shop gave me back in July after I went in for an oil change. I called Mr. Jumpstart specifically about rough steering, an a/c leak, and possibly needing a strut and shock replacement. He checked all the above, and I learned my struts and shocks were in good condition. He refilled my steering fluid and charged my a/c. He is competent in mobile mechanics and is amiable to boot!! Call him up!!

  • Donald Garrison(Sunday, September 22 13 12:02 am EDT)

Once again Mr Jumpstart has come through. Fast, reliable and great customer service as always. I will definitely be recommending your services to others. Thanks again.
-- Donald G.

  • Patsy Ramirez(Tuesday, September 17 13 08:45 pm EDT)

I live in Laredo, Tx. I own a just restored 79' Chevy Camaro that just decided to die on me while I started my return trip back home after visiting family. It was late Sunday afternoon. We called Mr. Kendall and he was there within 30 minutes. After checking the car he didn't find anything wrong. The car started up like nothing. He explained what could've happened with the carburater. He could've easily started replacing unnecessary parts but he didn't. He offered to follow me out of town for a couple of miles to make sure everything was ok. Super nice man. Very honest and courteous man. Highly recommended. Thanks again Mr, Kendall.

  • deborah(Monday, September 02 13 05:07 pm EDT)

We have had Kendall do work for us now twice. We enjoy his promptness and honesty regarding the work,needing to be done. Our experience each time was wonderful, and we plan to call Kendall with all of our automotive repair needs.

  • Ryan Morris(Friday, August 30 13 04:34 pm EDT)

Kendall came out to my residence and did some trouble shooting on my vehicle. My fans were not turning on and the fuse would blow out. He figured out in like five minutes that I needed to replace my fan assembly because the fan motor was faulty and drawing too much current, which was making the fuse blow. It took him probably a little over an hour to take the old fan out and replace it with a new one. He did an excellent job at a reasonable price. I highly recommend him to anyone having automobile issues!!!

  • Linda Rosas(Wednesday, August 07 13 02:43 pm EDT)

Kendall just fixed my gas pump and I am very satisfied with his work and I highly recommend everyone to call him for car repairs. He was awesome and saved me a lot of money and stress. Thank you Kendall!

  • Paul Bhalla(Monday, August 05 13 06:47 pm EDT)

I was stuck in a parking lot at the RIM Shops near I-10 ...... I called Mr JumpStart for help.... They arrived within half an hour and took care of my Mazda Miata which had a broken drive belt. We received very prompt and excellent service from Mr Kendal... I highly recommend him. As a matter of fact Mr Kendal is coming to repair my EUROVAN on next Wed Aug 6 at my house.... My biggest satisfaction was his honesty and fairness in charges, which is hard to find these days......

  • Jared Horton(Thursday, August 01 13 10:08 pm EDT)

WOW! This was the best experience I've ever had with a mechanic. Car trouble sucks. Kendall made the really bad situation a lot better. When the fuel pump went out on my pick up truck, I knew it was going to be expensive to fix. I started calling around to various shops and other mobile mechanics. Kendall was the friendliest and the least expensive. Kendall and I fixed the fuel pump together (because I love working on cars and wanted to know how it was done), and got me back on the road within hours of my calling him. Each shop I called wanted over $250.00 for the labor alone. Kendall got my truck running better than it was before, did some extra work (changed the fuel filter for me) and only charged me $150.00. Then Kendall got me the parts that I needed on his mechanic's discount (and I paid the price he paid). I know because he drove me to the auto parts store to get them. That saved me another $70-$100. I will never go to another shop again. Kendall will be the only mechanic that I trust with my car- to give me the BEST price and the best service for my vehicle. I really recommend MR. JumpStart to anyone and have already told my family and friends about the business. Thanks again Kendall!!

  • katherine(Friday, July 26 13 10:01 am EDT)

I'm in houston and my daughter is in San Antonio. I spoke to Kendall over phone and got ball rolling for my daughters body work to be done. Kendall made my daughters car like new. kendall charged me less than price he quoted me on the phone. Any work my daughter needs to her car will be only done by kendell from now on.

  • Jacob Jonietz(Wednesday, July 24 13 01:27 pm EDT)

Fantastic service, knowledgable, and overall nice guy

  • Paul Sharum(Sunday, July 21 13 08:11 pm EDT)

Kendall has come to work on our car twice and has done an outstanding job both times. The price was more than reasonable and his work is top-notch. I don't want anyone else but Mr.Jumpstart to fix our cars. Thanks again Kendall

  • LaSaundra W.(Saturday, July 20 13 08:49 pm EDT)

Kendall came out to replace my radiator. He was very friendly, and even though it probably slowed him down a little, he had no problem with my family being out there looking over his shoulder and conversing with him and his son. It was like having a friend help me out. Very respectful, very courteous, and reasonably price. A promise to keep him as our go to mechanic. Thank you so much. You are a life saver.

  • Jeremy Page(Wednesday, July 17 13 07:50 pm EDT)

Kendall was great to deal with , I told him what I thought was wrong with my 91 GMC Jimmy and he listened to me. He didn't to tell about unnecessary fixes we had my car up and running in just over 1 hour. Thanks

  • Donald Seals(Tuesday, July 02 13 11:16 am EDT)

For all your vehicle needs this is the man to call!! Since 2010 I have used Kendall 6 times on 4 different vehicles. Just yesterday got my car back on the road. I will only use this man for any future work I need done and you should do the same!! Thanks Again Kendall!!

  • Travis(Friday, June 28 13 12:06 pm EDT)

Kendall is very helpful, professional and reliable. His prices are extremely reasonable and I would recommend his services to anyone with vehicle issues. Thanks Kendall!

  • Dustin(Monday, June 17 13 06:14 pm EDT)

Communication - Kendall gets the importance of this aspect of business. He actually answers the phone, and calls back promptly if you miss him. Outstanding service and very reasonable. I cannot say enough good things about this guy because dependable and honest mechanics are very rare. I made sure to get extra cards from him.

  • Jesse Blair(Sunday, June 16 13 03:11 am EDT)

As a college student I had no tools or experience to work on my truck. I called Mr. JumpStart and he was out there within an hour and had my truck fixed that day. Very fast, reasonable, and nice.

  • Heather Petty(Saturday, June 01 13 05:38 pm EDT)

Very knowledgeable convince when you cant get to a shop. Prices are very reasonable for people on a budget.

  • John Cope(Tuesday, May 28 13 02:59 pm EDT)

Highly recommend! Honest, on time, reasonable, knowledgeable. Call now, you will not be disappointed.

  • B. Deese(Thursday, May 23 13 11:40 am EDT)

Mr. Jump start was fast, flexible, and timely.... Excellent service with a smile. Very knowledgeable about cars and seemed to take pride in his work. Explained everything he was doing to my car and answered all of my questions... I would recommend him to anyone...

  • Sophia(Tuesday, May 21 13 02:34 pm EDT)

Kendall is always awesome!! I have used him 2 times now and is always very professional and gets to me right away (both times he was able to come out the same day) I recommend him to coworkers, family, and friends!!

  • Raymond Y.(Monday, May 20 13 12:10 pm EDT)

Mr. Jumpstart is a life saver! My vehicle was disabled due to a bad starter and I needed to get to work. I ended up leaving my vehicle at the location and got a ride to work. While at work, I called Kendall and made arrangements to get my vehicle fixed. Kendall even picked me up at the work site. Mr. Jumpstart is an honest company experienced in vehicle repair at affordable prices. I highly recommend Mr. JumpStart for both emergencies and regular maintenance services.

  • Shannon(Tuesday, May 14 13 12:55 pm EDT)

Kendall is a lifesaver... and that is an understatement! He is very professional and has great communication skills! Kendall really helped me out of a high-stress, time sensitive situation last Saturday evening and I will forever be thankful to him for his sense of urgency! I will confidently recommend his services to anyone and everyone I can! He has truly gone above and beyond all expectations. Thank you, Kendall!