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Service Call Rates . SCAN Diagnostics . Labor Rates

Service Call Rates are Independent of Labor or SCAN Diagnostics

Call for specific rates.


  • $35 to Medical Center Area.


  • $45 Service Call to Most Areas of San Antonio for All Emergency Calls. Some restrictions apply.


  • $25 Service Call to Most Areas of San Antonio for Scheduled Non-Emergencies. (i.e. Tune-Ups, Brakes, A/C Recharge)


  • Min. $20 for extended wait time. I.E. Waiting for customer to show up to vehicle site. Waiting for customer to run for parts. Waiting for customer to find and deliver keys. Ect.


          LEVEL 1 SCAN - $27.50


  • Up to 25 minutes.  Includes test of battery, battery cables for corosion, starter, starter relay & solenoid wire & alternator volts.  If no problem found after 25 minutes then additional diagnostics will be billed at $75 per hour.​           


          LEVEL 2 SCAN - $52.50


  • Up to 45 minutes. Includes Scan Computer for codes, Scan Spark Control system, Test Fuel pressure, Scan Body Control Computer for HVAC. Scan ABS or Air Bag Systems for codes and simple data. If no problem found then additional SCAN diagnostics billed at $75 per hour. Each code found requires a minimum of 1 diagnostic hour to fully diagnose.


          LEVEL 3 SCAN - $97.50

          PCM / ECU / ECM 

  • This fee is charged in addition to Level 2 SCAN. Up to 1 1/2 hours when necessary to use Indentifix to print or view schematics in order to perform pin point wire testing at the various computers and/or their related sensors. 1 1/2 hours maximum time allotted before additional billing. If no problem found then additional SCAN diagnostics billed at $75 per Hour. If testing for a faulty computer, an extra 1 hour minimum will be charged for the additional SCAN diagnostics. 


  • $75 Per Hour for Electrical Short Detection 


  • $35 Minimum Labor for Small Jobs, plus Service Call Fee.


  • $20 Charge to Run for Parts or 50% Above Cost, Whichever is Greater.


You Are Welcome to Provide Your Own Parts. No Warranty on those parts.


Please Call for Specific Pricing. I Use Automotive Labor Guides for Most Jobs.


Feel Free to Use the Contact Us Page. Your Info Forwards to My Cell Phone.


Service Call Rates - SCAN Diagnostics - Labor Pricing