Picture Gallery 2018

Here are pics of different vehicles and a description of the repair performed. 

1968 Chevrolet Pick-Up. Dan called me out because he had no battery power when he turned his ignition key. Found burnt electrical wiring at under hood fuse junction. Repaired and got him "On The Road Again". (Which is my theme song. Thanks to Willie Nelson)

Can't say enough about Mike G. and his 2005 Tahoe. I have been working on his truck for years now. He had 299K miles at the time of this pic. Done brakes, water-pump, A/C repair and tune-up over the years. Recently his rear axle went out. Replaced with one with only 100K miles on it. Mike uses this truck to haul his boat down to Corpus Cristi at least once a month to go ocean fishing. Filling up at a gas station. Yes, I was invited to go fishing with him. 

Here is Steve O. next to his other Firebird. 1981 TransAm edition. Battery was dead. Found his alternator was not charging. We special ordered a 1-wire racing style 100 amp alternator. Now both of his Firebirds are ready for the car shows. Drive only 1 at a time Steve. LOL

Very nice 1978 Pontiac Firebird. Customer had rear corner panels repaired and repainted. When the body shop technician welded some panels in left rear corner he inavertantly melted the rear wiring for the tail lights. Steve had met me at his local Advance Auto Parts and kept my number. Called me out to find the issue of "No Tail Lights" and then I proceeded to do the repair. He likes to go to Car Shows with this Classic.

2000 Chevrolet Express 3500 Van.

Replaced Starter. As is Mr. JumpStart's policy, this customer bought his own starter.  We installed it in the parking lot of the auto parts store where he bought it.

1958 Chevorlet Apache P/U Classic. Believe it or not. The customer has put $18,000 in this restoration. New engine and trans on a newer frame. New dash and guages. It was his grandfathers old shop truck in Odessa TX. Mr JumpStart finished the installation of a 1984 Chevy truck steering column with tilt wheel. He does not plan to paint it. Personal reasons. In memory of Grandpa.

2003 Dodge Ram P/U V-8 

Engine would start then die. Start and die. He called Mr JumpStart to do diagnostics. When I arrived, found that the truck was vandalized. Someone tried to "steal" it. Failed. But caused damage to the ignition key and lock cylinder. Repaired it to start, then diagnosed and replaced the MAP sensor. Truck runs great now! Recommended he purchace a "CLUB" steering wheel lock as a visual deterrent to theives.

2010 Dodge 300 2.7L 

Water pump was leaking and overheated. Its necessary on this engine to remove the timing chain to access the water pump. Mr JumpStart was called out by the customers parents to do this work in the heat of August 2017. No shade. Bought a canopy to help out. WOW, it was hot.

2004 Audi Quattro Turbo Wagon.

Customer got into a small fender bender. Crunched his front grille and hood. Also, whatever he hit smashed thru his radiator and A/C condensor and broke his power steering pully.

Work has not been completed. When he gets the funds we will update this "work" in progress.