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Rosanna Lugo  May 2, 2013

Quality Excellent
We've used Kendall 3 times now. Each time, he was very honest, professional, fast, and affordable. I will definitely call him again if I ever need to.



Robert Porter  April 11, 2013


Quality Excellent
Excellent mechanic work. Kendall did a great job working on my service van. I strongly recommend hiring him if your looking for an experienced and good mechanic.

Antonio Lopez  Sept 15, 2012


Quality Excellent
Kendall did a wonderful job after my husband injured himself and could not finish a very difficult repair. He was very nice, very fair on the price, and even came back the next day to do more. THANK YOU, Kendall. I highly recommenid this company!


Destiny ‎ - Jul 8, 2011


Kendall was awesome. He came out on short notice and arrived just as I got out of work to help me with a car that had broken down on me earlier this week. only $35 to have him come out and look at it. Found out the problem was a seized compressor and told me he could fix it right there for more than a hundred dollars cheaper than firestone quoted for just fixing the AC and I could save the cost of the tow. I asked him to come out to the Far SE side of San Antonio to take a look at a Minivan we've had dead in out driveway for almost a year and he's coming all the way (30 something miles) out there to look at it this saturday for us for only $70 (big savings over the cost of the tow!!!). We've tried other mobile and immobile mechanics and none of them have been this affordable and none of them have been as honest with the repairs and costs. 



jess ‎ - Jun 25, 2011


i will recommend mr kendall if you have any problem with your car he is a very honest person and it took him less then half an hour to fix my car. very affordable prices. 



Mandy ‎ - May 19, 2011


Kendall is a very knowledgeable mechanic, he is also very honest and we have had him fix our vehicles more than once. I will continue to call him for any repairs in the future. Also, it is very convenient to have him come to our home and he works fast and is always courteous. I no longer dread getting the vehicles fixed because I know I will get quality work at a fair price. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of repairs! :) 



Jesus ‎ - Mar 15, 2011


Kendeall is a great mechanic, My car went down as soon as I arrived into San Antonio, his name came up in the very top of the Google list... And i was like ok what ever ill try it, is not like I know any one in San Antonio.... he came down to the hotel I was in.. he determined it was my alternator that had gone bad after I told him what had happen to me and how my car died on me... he changed the part at the hotel very might fast... and he was inexpensive.... Great service and very fast at a low price... it can't get any better than that... if you ask me.


Chris ‎ - Mar 2, 2011


Great Mobile Mechanic, very knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend him to anyone.


C ‎ - Nov 4, 2010


Top Notch & Very Fairly Priced Mechanic. Mr. Jump Start is an absolute professional, who is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and very considerate of the working man's budget. He is a man who cares about the outcome, and works very hard on behalf of his customers. That is a rare thing these days. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the San Antonio, Texas area who is considering a mobile mechanic. 


Bernie ‎ - Oct 2, 2010


excellent service / very professional Excellent work and professionalism, if you need fleet or just private service reach this guy, excellent work, BERNIE'S GARAGE DOORS 


5 of 5 stars
Nov 16, 2010
by Guest19698

I found Mr. Jumpstarts ad on Craigslist and set up an appointment. He showed up at my work at exactly the time he said, finished my electrical problem within 30 minutes and charged me an extremely fair price. I would recommend his service to anyone and I plan on using him for any auto issues I run across in the future. 


5 of 5 stars
Nov 3, 2010

Mr. Jump Start is an absolute professional who arrives on-time, works thoroughly to diagnose the exact problem, and then gives a very fair price for his services. He is honest, forthright and very considerate of hardworking people. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the San Antonio, Texas area considering a mobile mechanic.


5 of 5 stars
Dec 18, 2010
by Guest55428

I highly recommend calling Mr.Jumpstart for any auto repair.I had Kendall come out to replace an alternator on my car. Come to find out it was just a loose belt that needed replacing. He was very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. He also charged me a very fair price and said that if my alternator did go out he would come out and only charge me half the labor to install it. I will definitely be calling Mr. Jumpstart again for other work that needs to be done!!